SAFP Success Stories

The main focus of SAFP is to help poverty stricken families in India meet their basic needs and to encourage them to move towards self reliance by the creation of their own personalized income generation projects. The generation projects and livelihood initiatives will lead the family, in time, to be self-sufficient.

Families are expected to be independent within six years. Once the family can support themselves, SAFP will transfer the support to another family or the sponsor may continue the family if they choose.

The following stories describe some of the success SAFP has had with the Family-to-Family development Program:

Mrs. Jancy is able to support herself

Centre for Overall Development: Thamarassery, Kerala

Jancy is a widow with a young daughter who is living with her parents. She applied for assistance from SAFP and has been receiving it since August 2006. She decided to create a bakery and sell the good to near by towns and houses. She rented a room so she would have a space to do all her baking and with a special gift from her benefactor she purchased much needed utensils, dishes and other materials for baking. Her baked goods are in demand and she now supplies other bakeries with a variety of items. With her earnings she started a small poultry farm and began rearing rabbits. She works very hard at both activities and keeps up with all her household tasks. And her daughter now goes to school.
            Currently she is trying to build a home of her own. Jancy was able to purchase a small piece of land with help from the government of India as well as the local parish. She has a solid income coming from her income generation projects and she is thankful to SAFP and her benefactor for enabling her to comfortably support herself.

Mr. Abraham is leading a happier life

Shreyas Social Service Centre: Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala

Abraham lives with his wife, Lyla, and their two children. Abraham was unable to work due to a chronic agitation in his foot and Lyla was working as a wage laborer in the agricultural sector to feed the family. Her earning were not enough to meet the basic need s of the family, so they joined the local sangham and were accepted for SAFP assistance. They now have 5 goats plus the offspring they produce and the family was able to construct a cattle shed.
            Abraham and his family were able to purchase more land and now cultivate rubber trees on it as well as goat rearing. They were also able to build a better home for themselves. Abraham underwent treatment for his foot and was cured. They now lead a much happier life and are very thankful to SAFP for all their assistance.

Mr. Thankachan improved social, cultural and financial situation

The Palai Social Welfare Society: Palai, Kottyam, Kerala

Kanattu Thankachan joined the SAFP assistance program in 2003.  Through the program, he was able to undergo an Entrepreneurship Development program in the local town.  Thankachan is a barbour by profession.   He is a very industrious person and he has opened a Barbour shop in a church for which he has to pay rent.  He took a loan from the bank apart from the funds he received from SAFP to start his business. The shop has become a great success. He is earning an income of $114 per month.  By making a good month profit, his wife Omana purchased 3 goats to sell milk and goat kids for additional income.  Overtime, the family was able to build a beautiful three bed room house and purchase new furniture and other equipment to modernize the Barbour shop. They also had enough money to send their children to a good school.  They are grateful to the program for helping them improve their social, cultural and financial situation.

(Left) Before FDP assistance (Right) After the Thankachan family received FDP assistance