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Credit Card
Donations to SAFP can be processed online through VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, both in Canada and in the USA. Those interested can just click on the DONATE button and follow the easy instructions. You may wish to send an e-mail with more specific details. As well, you may call the office and give your credit card number and expiry date over the phone and it will be processed. You will receive an acknowledgement and receipt for your donation in the mail.

Automatic Debit Withdrawal Services
Donations in Canada and United States can now be done through Automatic Debit. We will send you the forms on request or you can download the form from this website, and then you can complete and return these with a voided cheque. On the 15th of each month your donation will be deducted directly from your bank account and a tax receipt will be issued at year-end.

Donations are received daily in our office. You can send in your cheques/checks or money orders and we will process them usually in the same day. An acknowledgement and a receipt will be issued by return mail. The only exceptions are those donors who send periodically throughout the year or by postdated cheques/checks. These will be acknowledged immediately but tax receipts will be issued at year-end. An application form is included in the website to send with the mail payment. Click Here

Corporate Support
Some businesses have a "Matching Gift Program." This program has employers match the funds of their employees’ charitable donations, which are sent to the employees’ charity of choice. You can inquire at your place of employment if they have such a plan in place.

Other companies support SAFP by having everyone in the office donate a dollar a month or through a general collection which is forwarded to our office.

Publicly Traded Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds
Donations of publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds to Save A Family Plan can be made without incurring any capital gains taxes to the donor. SAFP is happy to accept these types of donations. Contact our office to request a donation form for a gift of securities or click here to download .

Life Insurance
You can name SAFP as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. This has to be set up with your own insurance agent. SAFP will provide a tax receipt for your yearly premiums once we receive written confirmation from your insurance company.

You can name SAFP in your will as a beneficiary. You can be assured that your gift will live on to assist many poor families on the road to self-reliance. You can contact our office for details.

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further ways to support

Regional Representatives
SAFP’s work is shared mainly by word-of-mouth, and our donors are usually the ones "spreading the news" of our work. We decided to expand on this gift that our donors have given us. Regional Reps are those who agree to be a spokesperson for SAFP in their local area. You can distribute our material in your community (churches, community centers, malls, etc.), give talks about our work (we can provide the information), place SAFP news in church bulletins, on television or the radio, and so on. Regional Rep’s duties do not include collecting funds or forwarding any donations to SAFP. You are most welcome to contact our office for details.

Talks on SAFP
SAFP finds the personal contact the best way to "spread the news". Many of our supporters share with family and friends. Another way of helping is by giving talks in your parish and parish groups, community and service groups, schools, etc. This is a terrific way for our work to reach those who have not heard about SAFP. You can contact our office for details.

Hotlink to SAFP’s Website
You can support SAFP by establishing a hotlink on your own website to ours. It’s a great way to guide people visiting your site to the charity of your choice.

Social Networking
Join SAFP at Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, an easy way to stay connected ; and pass along to your friends.

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