We have launched our year-end appeal.  Please give generously!

2022 Year-End Appeal

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Save a Family Plan 2022 year-end appeal

Save a Family Plan has launched the 2022 year-end appeal, asking our friends and supporters to help us raise the vital funding needed for next year’s Family and Community Development Projects.

Clean drinking water.  Food on the table.  Safe and secure housing.  What we often take for granted are the very necessities that impoverished families need before they can hope for a better, sustainable future.  If only they can meet their basic needs, families and villages can lift themselves from the cycle of poverty.  They are empowered by your support and their own hard work.

We recently received a letter from a young mother whose family has completed their six-year plan.  As you will see below, she and her family have inspired the theme of this year’s Save A Family Plan year-end appeal: Transforming Lives.

At this busy time of year, it’s all too easy to forget how blessed we are.  Join us in pausing for a minute to reflect, and to read this appeal from Save A Family Plan.

Rajeshwari and her family have completed their six-year plan.  Their lives of unimaginable poverty and hardship have been completely transformed thanks to Save A Family Plan donors—generous people like you. Today, her family earns a stable income, they live in a home instead of a single-room mud dwelling, and both children are receiving education.

Her heartfelt words inspired the theme of this year’s Save A Family Plan year-end appeal.  Here is an excerpt from her letter, translated by local staff:

“From a situation where we starved for a single meal a day, you gave us everything we need. You gave us a reason to live.

“When we were unsupported […] you extended your support from thousands of miles away.”

You’ve done so much and we thank you. Families have identified that clean water, sanitation, a safe home, and employment can transform their lives. Support our Family and Community Development projects to enable communities to make the changes needed for a better tomorrow.

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