How it Works: Family Development

Money - Your Donation

Your Donation

For 6 years, your donation of $20 a month is put directly into a bank account in the family’s name. 100% of the donation money goes directly to helping the family.

One-on-One Support

The family receive one-on-one support from our local field staff to identify the issues that are holding them back from improving their well-being. They learn to make a plan and budget for the 6 years, that will help them accomplish the goals they set for themselves.


Regular training is given to the family on topics like nutrition, child and maternal health, proper waste disposal, human rights, importance of education, and gender awareness to help them make choices that improve their standard of living.

Starting a Small Business

The family receive the support and training they need to help start a small business. They learn about the importance of saving money, earn an extra income, build up their assets, and support themselves in the future.

Community Support

Through local self-help groups called Sanghams, families receive local community support and the ability to connect with other families in the program. This helps build their confidence, strengthen the community and build networks of support.

Local Resources

Staff help them identify and access local resources, such as government programs that are available to them. They are encouraged to take part in the local government to promote change within their larger community.

After Six Years

At the end of the 6 years, the family has learned essential skills for everyday life, are happier and more confident in themselves. They are empowered to teach other families these skills and develop them into thriving communities.

If you are not able to support a family continuously for 6 years, you can also make a one-time donation to the Community Development Program. It follows the same philosophy and strategy for change but works with an entire village to improve the life of the community.


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