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How You Can Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

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How You Can Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Wondering what you can do to support Save A Family Plan and your partner family during this uncertain time? Here are a few ways that you can help.

  • Write a letter of encouragement to your partner family to let them know that they are not alone during this ambiguous time
  • Keep the photograph of your partner family nearby, remembering them in your thoughts and prayers
  • If in the position to do so, consider supporting an additional family in starting a small business initiative
  • Donate to our Community Development Program so that entire communities can be supported and rehabilitated after the COVID-19 crisis
  • Spread the word! Please let families and friends know about how feasible it is to assist an entire family in breaking the cycle of poverty through our Family Development Program
  • Consider making a donation toward our administration costs to ensure the functioning of our office in times of crisis to be able to keep our organization functional

To make a donation, click here or contact our staff at for more information.