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SAFP’s Response to COVID-19 and How You Can Help

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SAFP’s Response to COVID-19

SAFP’s COVID-19 Campaign Continues!

A special thank you for the incredible response to our recent COVID Fund Matching Campaign! Our goal to match $15,000 in 6 weeks was accomplished in just 48 hours! An excellent start to achieving our COVID-19 Campaign goal of raising $75,000.   

Funds from this campaign will be used to help families re-establish their small businesses that failed to thrive during the pandemic or start new ones that will succeed with the changing economic environment. Families requiring immediate assistance with needs such as food, water, medicine, masks, and hand sanitizer will be identified and supported by our India team. All partner families in the Family Development Program will continue to receive program support, ensuring a sustainable solution to their dire circumstances and securing a safe future for their children.

Join us today in providing families with hope in times of crisis. Your donation will create a lifelong impact for partner families in India! 

Support Beyond the Crisis

World-wide, heartfelt concern and prayer goes out to the people of India and their loved ones who are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.

The international community is responding by providing the Indian government with desperately needed health care supplies, while medical personnel, front-line workers, and our SAFP field staff continue to navigate the risks associated with supporting families impacted by the virus.

Inevitably, more and more communities within India – a country already challenged by the harsh reality of extreme poverty – will become vulnerable as the rate of COVID-19 cases increases and the number of impoverished families continues to grow. Currently, many SAFP partner families are struggling to access nutritious food, comprehensive health care, formal education, and reliable employment.

Fortunately, our Family Development Program is ready to offer these families hope. We are supporting current partner families, ensuring they have access to basic necessities and are connecting them to resources available in the community that will assist them during the pandemic. This means participants of this highly successful program have hope for a better future. Hope for sustainable income that can meet the needs of their loved ones. Hope for a better tomorrow for their children.

Save A Family Plan is not only supporting current partner families during these uncertain times; we are also planning ahead and focusing on extending our reach to support as many new impoverished families in India as possible. We aim to provide more generations with the opportunity to experience a lifetime of self-sufficiency, dignity, and resilience.

We ask you to join us in our quest to grow and expand our organizational family, including both our incredible partner families and the dedicated SAFP staff members in both India and Canada who work tirelessly to carry out our mission. By ensuring the sustainability of this incredible organization during these unprecedented times, we can continue to honour our commitment of partnering with the poor for a just world well into the future.