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Urgent Appeal (double your donation)

Save A Family Plan launched an urgent appeal

To address the dire circumstances of the people we serve in India, Save A Family Plan launched an urgent appeal on Aug. 3, 2022. Until the end of this month, every dollar will be doubled! (Up to $142,000) UPDATE: October 17, 2022 – We are delighted to announce that our “Double your Donation” campaign resulted […]

Mary’s Story


Poverty is complex. Our plan is simple! And it actually can break the cycle of poverty. Mary’s story is proof of Save A Family Plan’s success. Widowed at a young age, Rosy, Mary’s mother, was faced with tragic and hopeless circumstances. Left alone to care for her three young children and her aging mother-in-law, she […]

A multi-generational tradition

Dave Schiller and his two sons share their family’s tradition of supporting Save A Family Plan.  Supporting the less fortunate has always been a part of Dave Schiller’s life. So much so, that it forges a bond like no other between him and three-generations of his family. We hope this new video about Dave’s life-changing […]

Strong Families make Strong Communities

Strong Families make Strong Communities

This is Malu. She belongs to the Kattu Naika tribe in Wayanad and lives in the tribal hamlet of Ponkuzhy Kattunaika with her husband and three children.  When the Family Development team visited her family for the selection process they found that Malu, a tuberculosis patient, was not receiving proper treatment, food, or care. They were […]

Madonna Missions – Creating Opportunities through Education

The Madonna Missions is a committed group of people who partner with Save A Family Plan to carry on the work of the late Father Richard Saldanha. Their generous support is helping to promote education and infrastructure development in a rural area of Shillong in the north-east of India. Mr. Jack Geerts, Chair of the […]

Supporting youth in accessing job opportunities in Gughwa Tolla

The village of Gughwa Tolla in Madhya Pradesh, one of the target areas of the SPED III program, is home to people belonging to scheduled tribes and scheduled castes. In the field of education, primary schools are present in the community, but students must travel to the city for higher education, which is very far […]

Change of mindset leads to new opportunities for families

Farah, being a Muslim woman, was never allowed to go out for work and earn a living, but she always dreamed about owning her own business. Both her and her husband wanted to educate their four children, but due to their situation they could not afford to. When she began participating in the Family Development […]

Working together to access safe drinking water in Tikratola village

Tikratola is a small part of Bhagdu village in Mandla District of Madhya Pradesh that is home to about 80 families. The majority of these families are scheduled tribe (ST) and agriculture is the only choice for livelihood in this area. The people of Tikratola face many challenges in their daily lives and have difficulty […]

We want to hear from you!

Save A Family Plan’s blog has been operating for 3 months now, bringing you a variety of stories about the work of SAFP and its partners, current poverty-related problems in India, development approaches, and the experiences of individuals who have seen our work in action. Now we want to hear from you! Let us know […]

Remembering Our Founder

Save A Family Plan was born out of the inspiration of a man with incredible love for the poor, a man named Monsignor Augustine Kandathil, but better known as Father Gus. Father Gus was born in Kerala, South India and ordained a priest in 1947. He was an incredibly intelligent man and eventually earned his […]