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Remembering Our Founder

Save A Family Plan was born out of the inspiration of a man with incredible love for the poor, a man named Monsignor Augustine Kandathil, but better known as Father […]

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Corruption – An Obstacle to India’s Development

Recent protests in India have brought attention to a serious issue that threatens the country’s potential for development – the problem of corruption. Corruption is a deeply rooted issue that […]

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Helping the Poorest

Micro-credit is hailed by many as a “magic bullet” with the potential to eradicate poverty and empower women, and providing the poor with access to affordable credit has become a […]

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A Volunteer Celebration – Thanks for all you do!

Save A Family Plan’s work would not be possible without the commitment of a large network of volunteers in both Canada and India. The support that they provide to our […]

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Stories from the Field – A Visit to Kerala

Cavorting emus. Have you ever seen emus cavort? If you visit Aiswaryagram, SAFP India’s headquarters and agricultural training and research centre, and farm, you may. I did as I looked […]

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Sharing in Success – Our Tsunami Families

On December 26th, 2004, the south-east coast of India was hit by a killer tsunami. The massive waves, which were said to have been higher than the tops of the […]

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Father Ryan’s Visit to India

Years ago I read that when Pope John Paul II visited India his reaction was, “So many people!”  I understand exactly what he meant.  The state of Kerala, for example, […]

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India in the News – India’s Disappearing Girl Children

This year, India has undertaken the immense task of compiling the 15th National Census of the Country. As the data is assembled and analyzed, there has been much interest in […]

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